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This is a parody erotic behind the scenes of 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,' based upon the Chronicles of Narnia’ book. AS always, this a fictional parody story not for profit, just for fun.

Lucy's Erotic Voyage chapter two. Will contain mature content, masturbation, foot fetish, insertion, femdom.

Lucy awoke to a soft tapping at the door.

“Hello Miss, I have your breakfast here if you like?” said a young voice of a boy.

Lucy pushed herself out of the warm blankets of King Caspian's bed. Smacking her drool dried lips, and half opening her eyes to the glare of sunlight coming in from the windows. Her own young body was a little sour from the swim in the sea yesterday.

“ Yes! Yes!, I’ll take it, “ said Lucy feeling the pang of hunger. She untangled herself from the blanket slowly making her way to the door. Every once of her energy seemed drained. At some point last night, the cabin’s table had been set with food. Lucy couldn’t remember if she ate, or slept through. Opening the door, Lucy saw a cabin boy not much younger than her holding a tray of breakfast. The boy’s shocked expression was priceless.

“What!?” asked Lucy looking around becoming alert. Then she looked down noticing she was naked. Looking up, the cabin boy’s eyes were bouncing around in his head. Fighting between wanting to see a real nude girl, or looking away in modesty. He had seen his sister’s ankle once when she tried on slippers, but other than that. Women only dressed in thick dresses from the chin down. This was to much.

“Oops, sorry about this. You may place the tray on the table,” said Lucy leaving the door going to Caspian's bed. She had picked up the white woollen surcoat that he had left for her to wear. There was a rattle coming from the door. Lucy turned, before putting the garment over her head. The cabin boy was still standing dumbfounded with wide eyes. The tray shook in his hands. He had gotten a nice view of her backside.

Lucy had covered herself, and coaxed the cabin boy inside with the food tray. He hurriedly, exchanged it for the last night’s meal ready to run out the door. Lucy grabbed him by the arm. He almost dropped the tray startled.

“Is my clothes ready, and where is King Caspian, and my family members?” asked Lucy.

“ Ah Ah, Your clothes are there on the trunk my Lady, and the King, and my lords are on the poop deck,” said the boy shaking. He was sure he’d be beaten to an inch of his life from a senior member of the ship for talking to her, much less seeing her indisposed.

“Thank you, and don’t worry. What you seen will be our little secret,” said Lucy. She lean over giving him a little peck on the cheek for his reward. He was cute after all. The boy stood shocked with a burning red face. Lucy pushed him out the door shutting it behind him.

After breakfast, Lucy headed to the main deck of the Dawn Treader. There was a small box at her door as she was going out. A strand of large white pearls were in it with a note from Caspian hoping she’d like them. Lucy attached the necklace around her neck admiring them in the cabin’s mirror. She decided to keep wearing Caspian’s woolen surcoat, and nothing else. She had to bunch up the arms, and it’s hem went down just above her knees. The surcoat felt like a great big soft sweater. Much better than her itchy, harsh English clothes she came to Narnia wearing.

Following in true to sailor fashion on a ship. Lucy didn’t wear shoes, or socks. Her bare feet felt the roughened wood below as she walked out. What she didn’t count on was almost causing riot outside. The sailors’ discipline almost broke seeing her. Afterall, they had been out to sea for quite awhile. The Captain, and first mate whipped them back into shape with threats. Lucy smiled going up the ship's stairs toward the poop deck. A strong wind of the ocean lifted the surcoat up behind her to give the sailors a flash of her snow white thighs. More threats ensued.

At the top, The Helmsman of the ship was handsome, and seemed of sterner stuff. He smiled, and wished her a good day with a wink. She smiled saying the same to him. Lucy could see Caspian, and her brother, and cousin past the helmsman. They were playing chess on a table board with sticky wax on it’s surface. To keep the pieces in place as the ship rocked.

“Hello Lucy, good of you to join us,” said Caspian jumping up from his chair with a big smile as she walked up. It almost faltered as he looked down seeing her bare legs. His face flushed at the thoughts of seeing her naked in his cabin the day before. Lucy had the same thoughts of him seeing her naked, and she flushed too. She didn’t think he knew that she knew he had seen her.

There was some light conversation between all four. Then Lucy’s brother wanted to finish the game with Caspian. Caspian offered Lucy his chair. she sat some feet behind her family facing Caspian half halfheartedly watching them. Lucy wasn’t much into the game. Caspian rolled a small wine barrel to his spot to sit on.

Lucy slouched back into the chair watching horizon of the ocean. Bored, she absent mindlessly crossed her right leg over her left knee cap bouncing her foot up, and down. Her right hand played with the pearl necklace that Caspian had given her. Lucy would need to thank later in private. At the thought of him, she looked back at Caspian. She noticed his eyes were switching between the game, and watching her foot bounce. This brought out a playfulness in her. Lucy moved her foot in different directions watching him follow it.

The idea of her being watched by Caspian brought back the memory of yesterday. Feeling slightly playful, Lucy decided to try something bold. She uncrossed her legs wide. She didn’t know how much of her womanhood he could see, but it was enough to jolt him. Lucy’s brother, and cousin who had been focusing on the game noticed this, and started to follow Caspian’s gaze. Lucy slammed her legs shut before they could see anything. Pretending to be innocent.

“Are you okay Caspian?” asked lucy’s brother concerned.

“ Oh’ Yes, I’m fine. Everything is fine. Let’s continue the game shall we?” said Caspian flushed again. He was a true gentleman that would not point out a Lady’s embarrassment.
As the game continued, Caspian again glanced in Lucy’s direction. She smiled, and mouth to him. “ I know you saw me yesterday,” said Lucy. She gave him a pretend mean look. Caspian sat feeling as if his world was about to end. He had been caught. Lucy’s brother would have every right to cut him down right then for such an outrage to her honor. Aslan the Narnia's great lion would probably not approve either.

Lucy brought her right hand finger up to her lips to tell him to be quite. Her left hand lifted the surcoat hem exposing herself completely. True to his warrior credit, Caspian remained perfectly composed though a little shaken. Like the cabin boy. Could it be he’s virgin too?

Lucy brought her right hand down to slide over smooth womanhood again. Then used one finger to slowly slide up, and down it’s lips. With each stroke they blossomed wider, wetter, and the finger went deeper. Lucy was feeling the same arousal of being watched as the day before. Also the thrill of being possibly being caught by her family just few feet away added to this. Lucy’s heart beat faster, and her nipples stood erect. The surcoat softness rubbed their sensitive tops.

Lucy couldn’t last much longer, and she needed to hurry before someone noticed too. She brought two fingers to her favorite spot on her hard wet clit. Rubbing them in tight circles on it. Her feet went up on toes as her legs spread wider. She tried to control her heavy breathing which came out in gasps, and low moans. Fortunately for Lucy, the blowing wind covered this as her brother, and cousin were to focused in the game to notice. Caspian kept getting redder, and redder in the face. Shifting on his seat uncomfortably. His chain mail pants didn’t stretch. So it was like his penis was caught in a vice.

Lucy’s pussy tightened as the orgasmic pressure released. She squirted out onto the deck inches away from her brother’s barefoot. She didn’t care as her body shuddered from delight. Caspian looked like as if he was about to have a stroke. He self ejaculated inside his pants too.

Leaning more relaxed back into the chair, slowly rubbing out the last trace of her orgasm with her right hand. Lucy lifted the pearl necklace up to her mouth with her the left hand. Mouthing a “ Thank You.”

A thought occurred to Lucy at that moment. With a sly grin. She unhooked the necklace bringing it down to her gaping sensitive pussy. One by one, each pearl disappeared inside till only the claps hung out. Caspian looked incredible at this.

“Oh’ My, I really hate to impose, but I need to go the bathroom. I shall need an escort. Since ships seem to be full of perverts. She was looking at Caspian. She was sure he got the hint of being her escort, and him being a pervert too.

“ Cousin, escort Lucy to the bathroom while I finish this game with Caspian,” said lucy’s brother.

“ Uh perhaps I shall forfeit this game. I am feeling a little unwell, and maybe need to go to the bathroom too. You two can play,” said Caspian standing up slowly. He felt the chain mail unclench his wet sticky penis.

“Do whatever, come on cousin let's play.”

Standing outside of Caspian’s cabin. “ Look Lucy, I’m really sorry for spying on you. Please forgive me. Don’t tell your brother, or Aslan please,” said Caspian with worry.

“ Shut up!” said Lucy with a forceful command. She then grabbed him by his chain mail pants opening the cabin door pulling him inside. With each step the pearls inside her were bringing on another feeling of arousal.

“ I’m not done with your punishment yet. Get down on your knees knave,” said Lucy in a forceful tone she hadn’t used in centuries.

“ But I’m a king!” protested Caspian.

“ My brother is the High King. I still am a Queen of Narnia. You will show me proper respect,” said Lucy putting her foot forward for him to kiss it.
This is a parody of erotic behind the scenes of 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,' based upon the Chronicles of Narnia’ book. As always, this a fictional parody story not for profit, just for fun.

Overall story wil contain: oral, foot fetish, femdom.
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