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Chapter two, This chapter contains: Mostly story build up, and talk. Milf nudity Ron, and Ann.

''I can just die!,’ thought Doctor Ann Possible. The neurosurgeon laid trapped under her daughter’s idiot best friend Ron. It felt like her nipple was inside his ear. She tried to wiggle free, and talk to him, but the ball gag made it difficult.

After what seemed like an eternity for an explosion to occur. Ron opened his eyes. He lifted the mattress off them. Raising his upper body up looking in the direction of what he thought was an explosive device. Ron could still hear it’s soft buzzing sound. Ann brought her handcuffed forearms up to cover her breasts. Her fingers slid up to her face. Unsnapping a metal button that released the ball gag. Ron looked down hearing this.

“ Are you okay Doctor P?! Are they still here?! How many were there?! What did they look like?! Did they look like ninjas, and act like monkeys?! , or was it………….,” babbled Ron. Ann tried to get a word in,” Ron. Ron. RON!” He finally stopped talking looking at her.

“ I did this myself,” said Ann. Ron looked at her astonished.

“ Whaaat?!,”

Ann brought her handcuffed wrists up to show him. One side of the cuffs had regular small key holes. On the other side, was little levers. Ann moved her fingers over the levers, and the safety bondage handcuffs sprung open without a key.

“Why?,” asked Ron.

“ Maybe we could discuss this elsewhere.” said Ann.

“ Uh’ okay,” said Ron still looking at Ann confused. Her beautiful Irish face had a slight flush across her features.

“ You can get off me now,” said Ann. Sometimes Ron can be a little slow.

Ron looked down seeing that he was pressed between Ann's wide spread legs. Pelvis, and pelvis were touching. Ann’s toned stomach didn’t look like it had ever held three children. Her breasts pillowed out from under the now freed forearms. Ron remembered the soft warmness that cradled his head moments ago. Causing him to blush too. If Ron hadn’t known Ann was Kim’s mother. He would have guessed her as an older sister.

“ Now Ronald,” said Ann. Her fiery red headed temper building.

“OH’ Sorry Doctor P,” said Ron slowly lifting himself up onto his feet.

Ron's eyes could not help to look over Ann’s naked body intently. He caught a flash of shaved vagina just before her legs slammed shut. There appeared to be a sculpted red shamrock of pubes above it.

Ann sat up with legs crossed in front of her. Her knees now covered her breast squishing them out to the sides. She seen Ron still looking at her nakedness.

“Can you find my robe for me? It was on the bed before,” said Ann looking around embarrassed. Ron broke his gaze to look among the fallen bedding. After finding it, and giving it to Ann. She draped the robe across her shoulders. Ron stood still waiting for an explanation.

“ Perhaps, you can go into the kitchen, and so I clean up in here. Then I’ll come talk to you about this,” said Ann.

“Okay, Uh’ sorry,” said Ron sheeplessly. He reached out his hand to try helping her up. “ Do you need me to help you clean up?” asked Ron. Ann decline,“ it’s okay, I can manage.” she said. Ron walked around the bed casting side glances at her going to the bedroom door. His teenage eyes wouldn’t let this opportunity of seeing a naked woman go easy.

The buzzing red cylinder device caught Ron's attention again. He bent down to pick it up.

“ NOOOOOO!!!! DON’T TOUCH THAT!,” yelled Ann. She cleared the distance around the bed in seconds. Ann's breasts bounced as she ran. Forgetting her robe was open. Ron got another good look at her naked body. This time he could defiantly see a red shamrock between his eyes. As it appeared in front of his face. Ann used her toes to kick the cylinder under the bed. Then slam her robe shut. Ron didn’t move for seconds. His brain was overloaded trying to process what he seen. Ann got his attention with an angry clear of her throat. Ron stood up looking at her in the face. From her expression, and the twitch of her eyebrow. He knew he was in big trouble.

‘ Oh’ Shit!’, thought Ron. Ann tilt of her pointed chin toward the door. “ Ron go Now!, she said. Ron ran for his life.

‘ Dammit!, I should have known better than to think I could have had some private time to myself!,” thought Ann angrily, face palming herself. Ever since she got married, and Kimmy started helping people. “ This house has been like grand central station.”

Ann slowly worked to pick up the mattress, and linens remaking the bed. The awkward situation replayed over in her mind. She swore off anymore magazine advice on how to spice up her marriage. She had secretly bought the bondage gear to try it in private. Then to see how she felt about it before suggesting it to James. Now, too embarrassed, she threw the handcuffs, and gag Ron caught her using away in the waste basket.  Ann took a shower to get the stink of sweat, and sex off her.
"Maybe if I’m lucky, he will be gone by the time I go to the kitchen. Hopefully, nothing else would be said about this afternoon ever." thought Ann.

Out of the shower, Ann could see a bruise forming on her ass in the full length mirror. At the spot she had landed after Ron rolled them off the bed. She dug into her closet looking for her most bulky clothes. Thinking about wearing her red ski suit. The one, she wore once as a chaperon with James on Kimmy's school trip. Instead, she opted for some oversized mom jeans, and a large sweater. Socks, shoes, and a hat completed the assemble. Hopefully, this will be very unsexy for a teenage boy.

Finally making it to the kitchen. Ann chanted in her mind. ‘Please don’t’ be here, Please don’t be here,’ sure enough there was Ron sitting at the kitchen table waiting. Ann instantly felt self conscious. As if he was looking at her naked body through the clothes.

“Oh hey Ron, I didn’t know you were still here,” said Ann trying to smile with disappointment. ‘Well Doctor P. you said you were going to explain about what you were doing. Ann’s legs felt like rubber as she made it to the table to sit down.

“Well Ron, Let’s talk maturely with each other. Shall we? As you get older sometimes people do weird things. Sometimes, they do weird things when they are lonely. Those things can remind you of someone when you were with them,” said Ann.

“Uh?,” Ron looked confused. “ I’m talking about sex,” said Ann.

“That was sex you were doing?,” said Ron looking interested. Ann’s face burned again with embarrassment. 'Oh' God! Was she going to be the one to explain the birds, and the bees to him!'

“ Cough, I was masturbating to the memory of my husband,” said Ann trying to make it even more simple for him to understand. She was about to ask Ron to keep her secret when he exclaimed. "What?! Girls masturbate too?!" With wide eyes. "Oh' yeah, it's a natural biological function." said Ann feeling even more embarrassed, and a little shameful for giving away a womanhood secret. “Anyway Ron, the point is I was lonely, and I would like for you to keep this secret between us. This would cause me, and the family some major embarrassment."

 “ Oh’ I understand Doctor P. I masturbate all the time thinking about Kim when she isn’t around,” said Ron.

‘ WHAT!?,’ thought Ann her temper flaring up.

“But, me, and Kim hasn’t had sex. When I think of her, my penis gets hard,” said Ron now fidgeting in his seat. “ Before, it would get so hard sometimes it would hurt. One day, I over heard some guys talking about masturbation. So I tried it when thinking about Kim. It feels so good once the pressure is released.,” said Ron with eyes almost glazed thinking about it.

‘You little pervert! I should cut your balls off!,’ thought Ann. Then she remembered the whole point of this talk was to diffuse what happen today.

"So we can't talk about this ever again, right?" pointed out Ann quickly. “ Okay, Doctor P, if you keep my secret too from Kim,” said Ron. They shook hands over the table. “ By the way, what about the gag, handcuffs, and rope,” asked Ron still curious. “FORGET ABOUT IT!,” said Ann with menace in her voice. Her frustration up.“ Okay,” squeaked Ron.

An idea suddenly occurred to Ron. He was very good at coming up with them, and convincing others to try it. One time his innocent suggestions convinced a Billionaire named Señor Senior, Sr. to become a villain out of boredom.
“ Hey Doctor P, Since we both feel lonely without your husband, and I Kim here. Why not pretend I’m your husband, and you can pretend your K. P. We could take turns on different days talking to each other like we do with them,” said Ron.

‘That sounds like role play,’ thought Ann. She read about that in a magazine too. She seen the seriousness on Ron’s face. Ann mulled it over in her mind for a few seconds. 'It could work, I do miss having James around. I’m sure I can pretend to be Kimmy. Wait, what am I thinking. This is crazy, I’m not that lonely,’ thought Ann.

“ No Ron, let’s just let it go. By the way. Why did you come here?,” asked Ann. He told her about needing some money to go out that night. He wanted to do some work for her. Ann got her purse giving him twenty dollars. “ Since it’s late in the afternoon. I’ll let you have this as a loan. I’ll contact you later to do something for me, Okay,” said Ann.

“ Sure thing doctor P, and thanks,” said Ron as she ushered him out the front door.

‘Phew, I’m glad that’s over,’ thought Ann as she leaned against it. ‘Now, maybe I can get back to doing some work that I had been planning to do today.

Later, Even while Ann tried to keep busy to forget the morning. The seed of Ron’s idea started to take root.

To be continued.
Ron Stoppable, and Ann Possible have an interesting summer.
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Submitted on
March 16
Mature Content